Pillow cover 50×50 waffle linen Nature

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Pillow cover made from 100% linen.

– Designed in Sweden
– Produced in Estonia
– Wash in maximum 40 degrees –> read more how you best take care of your linen products here

Color: Nature
Material: 100% organically grown linen, enzyme washed
Size: 50×50 cm

NOTE! Inner cushion not included.


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Lin Living’s beautiful pillow cover of waffle linen fabric in the color Nature

The waffles give them a very nice structure that revives any home. Choose if you want your pillows in the living room, on the bed or why not in the patio? No matter where you intend to have your pillows, we are sure they will fit in well. Another recommendation we have is to match up with, for example, our waffle bedspread (which also goes well as a plaid).

This beautiful natural color os the color that the flax has naturally. It is thus completely colorless. Depending in the time of the year, its beige shade may change to darker or lighter tones.

In production, the fabric has been washed, which makes the fabric feel soft and comfortable from the start. Have you heard that linen can be stiff or hard against the skin? You will not find that with us, but only a soft, adaptable and really wonderful linen fabric. In contrast to other materials the linen mature over time, which makes it softer and more beautiful after each year.

Natural colored linen can be washed at 60 degrees but if there are no hard stains, it is good enough with 40 degrees. Sometimes you may find that the linen fabric contracts slightly in the laundry but only pull a little in the fabric when it is wet and you have regained the original size. We recommend not to tumble dry waffle linen as it wears on the fabric and gives it a shorter life span. A tips is also to button the buttons when washing and turn the fabric inside and out. NOTE! The size is stated in the original size 50×50 cm and has since shrunk its 4-7% which linen usually shrinks at the first wash. For this reason, we have not printed the exact measure after washing as it may vary slightly. The sizes are adapted to Swedish standards on bedding. Follow the advice found under the Care category for the longest possible durability of your linen fabric cushions.

NOTE! Inner cushion not included.


100% organically grown linen, enzyme washed




50×50 cm


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