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Linen trousers curve fit White

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Linen pants in straight model and curved fit. 2 pockets at the front, 1 imitation pocket back. Adjustable string inside the waist. The perfect linen pants for all different occasions. Classic white linen color.

– Designed in Sweden
– Produced in Estonia
– Wash in 40 degrees –> read more about care instructions here

Size: S-XL (see all measures under “More information”
Color: White
Material: 100% linen, organically grown and enzyme washed
Fit: The trousers can feel a little bit tight in the beginning but they will get formed after your body while using them


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Here are our custom designed linen trousers in 100% organically grown and washed linen fabric. Our ambition has been to create a classic linen trousers with clean and straight cuts that fit all occasions. We want you to feel as comfortable in your pants one day at work as one day at the beach and then everything in between. For a relaxed look, you wear your pants just as they are. If you want a more dressed-up business look, you can iron your trousers and even iron your press folds. In order to get good press folds, we recommend that you use our ironing water which makes the ironing last longer and you get more pronounced and flatter results.

The linen trousers are normal in size (jersey sizes). If the linen trousers feel tight in the beginning or they tighten at some point, we can promise that they will get bigger and be formed after your body while using them. Linen is a material that forms after the body and only gets softer and more comfortable with time. The linen trousers do not shrink any more as they have already shrunk their percentages in the enzyme wash that takes place in the production.

The trousers are washed at a maximum of 40 degrees to maintain the fit. Always wash your linen clothes in as low temperature as possible for the environments sake. In addition, linen is a natural material so just by blowing them in the air, they clean themselves if only the refreshment you need on your linen pants. We do not recommend that you tumble dry them as it will unnecessarily tear the fibers of the fabric and make it more worn. The best way is to just hang them and let them air dry. Linen is a quick-dry material so you don’t have to wait long before your linen pants are dry and ready to be used again, again and again.

The design was developed by Hanna Jörnhammar together with Pattern & Grading on Gotland during wet 2018. Linen is grown in different parts of Europe as well as in Uzbekistan. The production and sleep end of the trousers is done by our supplier in Tallinns on sewing up the pants by hand.


S, M, L, XL




100% washed and organically grown linen


Straight model, curved fit. 2 front pockets, 1 imitation pocket back. Loops for belt. Fly zipper. Adjustable string on inside waist.

Size chart

Size of pants in size S-XL. Keep in mind that the pants will be stretched and get bigger during use. If they feel a little tight in the beginning, you can be sure that they will become somewhat larger over time.

S (cm)
length: 100
waist: 76
seat: 96

M (cm)
length: 102
waist: 88
seat: 102

L (cm)
length: 104
waist: 94
seat: 110

XL (cm)
length: 105
waist: 100
seat: 122