Linen pajamas white linen

A beautiful linen pajamas in classic white color that is so much more than a linen pajamas. Use it as a whole dress or combine it with other clothes. The idea is that the pajamas can be used as a stylish cozy garment as well as everyday at work or a warm day on the beach to protect you from the sun. If you want to buy the parts separately you will find the same top under among our linen shirts and the bottom is under linen trousers. The pajamas are normal to large in size.

Color: White linen (white)
Size: S, M, L and XL
Material: 100% washed linen


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A linen pajamas in the color white linen that is so much more than just a linen pajamas. You can use both the shirt and trousers separately for other garments or use it as a whole dress. The idea is that the linen pajamas should be a more stylish cozy garment but that can also be used for everyday life. The pajamas are straight in the model, normal in size and the shirt has a pocket at the front.

It is possible to dress up as well as dress down the linen pajamas. Our ambition is for the linen pajamas to be used frequently and extensively and in different contexts, use your fantasy to find areas of use for your particular linen dress. If you want to buy the parts separately, click on the link “Linen Pants” and “Linen Shirt”. The linen trousers and linen shirt are in a unisex model and fits all people.

The pajamas are made of washed linen which gives a beautiful and relaxed structure in the fabric. Thanks to the wash, your linen pajamas will be wonderfully soft and comfortable against the skin. These white linen pajamas can be washed at 60 degrees, but if there are no hard spots we recommend lower temperatures for the sake of the material and the environment. We recommend to avoid tumble drying as it rubbes on the fibers in the fabric which can cause it to crack and break prematurely. Our best tip is to hang the shirt on a hanger and the pants on a stretch and then hang out in the outdoors. Thanks to the linen’s attributes, it dries in no time.

Enjoy your white linen pyjamas.


S, M, L, XL


White linen (classic white linen)


Washed, 100% linen


True to size.

Size chart

S (cm)
chest: 100
back length: 63
Extended elastic waist: 90
length pants: 96

M (cm)
chest: 104
back length: 65
Extended elastic waist: 100
length pants: 102

L (cm)
chest: 112
back length: 69
Extended elastic waist: 110
length pants: 106

XL (cm)
chest: 116
back length: 73
Extended elastic waist: 120
length pants: 108


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