Linen napkin white

Classic white linen napkin that will enhance the feeling around the dinner table.

– Single-pack (1) or multi-pack (4)
– Produced in Estonia
– Quick drying
– Wash in 60 degrees –> read more under Care Instructions here

Color: White
Material: 100% line
Size: 40*50 cm.

10.00 35.00 

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Linen is a natural material that has been used since ancient times. It has adorned our homes for several generations and never seems to go out of time. The fact that linen stays classic, modern and trendy is not strange considering its unique practical properties. In addition to having linen in the lively kitchen, it is also wonderful to rest your eyes against and become a luxurious detail in your home.

A linen napkin can have a wide variety of uses, especially when made of linen fabric. Brush glass without the fabric peeling off, creating nice table decorations for the dinner guests as the material makes it easy to construct fine napkin wraps or quickly clean up an accident with the fast-absorbing linen napkin. Not only does it come into use, it is a very exclusive interior detail that gives character to the home.

White colored linen napkins can be machine washed at 60 degrees. This means that you do not have to worry about stains on the napkins as they can be washed warm. However, if there are no hard stains, you can wash at lower temperatures. Washing at lower temperatures when possible will save you the fabric’s durability but also the environment. Avoid drying machine. Just let the napkin drip dry after washing.

If you want extra smooth and shiny linen napkins, it is excellent to iron or lack. Follow the advice found under the category “Care instructions” for the longest possible durability of your linen napkins. You find the instructions here

We hope you will enjoy many cozy and enjoyable dinners with the linen napkins as a company.



100% organically grown linen. Enzyme washed.


White Linen


40×50 cm


1-pack, 4-pack


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