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Wrap yourself in a lovely, comfortable and soft bathrobe in 100% oganically grown linen. This beige bathrobe is in the original linen color that is neither bleached nor colored. The bathrobe is temperature adjusting which makes it as comfortable on a hot summer day as a chilly winter evening. Designed in Sweden and produced in Estonia.

Color: Nature (beige color)
Material: washed, 100%  linen fabric
Size: S / M & L / XL

The bathrobe is normal in size. Unisex model..


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Wrap yourself in a lovely, soft and beautiful bathrobe in 100% linen fabric in the linen’s natural color – nature. The linen fabric is organically grown and enzyme washed. Linen is a natural material that has existed in ancient times. Linen fabric is a natural product that has a fantastic durability and durability that fits well into the home. Linen absorbs moisture, repels dirt and dust and is a temperature-adjusting material.

There is something special about bathrobes. It is the first garment we wear in the morning when it is time to embrace the day and it is also the last garment we wear in the evening before it is time to go to bed. To wrap yourself in a linen bathrobe that has a relaxed fit is absolutely wonderful to the skin. This temperature adjustment is just one of the unique characteristics of the linen. Linen is also dirt and dust repellent which is more hygienic to your skin. It is also more comfortable for you with allergies and, above all, the material helps you not to wash your linen morning coat as often, which is kind to the environment. In addition to all the practical features that the linen bathrobe has, it is also a classic, timeless and exclusive garment. It does not matter if you are young, old, woman, man or child, the linen morning coat is for everyone.

Linen as a material can be boiled in 100 degrees but for the sake of the environment it is good to keep the temperatures down. We recommend 40-60 degrees. Feel free to let your bathrobe coat hang dry and be charmed by how the linen forms when you put it on.


100% washed linen


Nature (nature color from linen)



Size chart

S/M (CM)
Length: 120
Waist: 110
Arm length: 55

Length: 130
Waist: 130
Arm length: 58


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