Duvet cover linen 240×220 Frosty green

A classic and timeless duvet cover in a beautiful light green color. Lin Livings duvet covers are made of 100% linen fabric. Sleep tight!

– Designed in Sweden
– Produced in Estonia
– Temperature adjustable
– The duvet cover has a seam on the middle since the looms in the factory are 150 cm wide.
– Wash in 40 degrees –> read more about care instructions here

Color: Frosty green (light green)
Material: 100% washed linen
Size: 240×220 cm


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Linen sheets are something very special.

With the timeless and natural structure, the linen sheets fits in all homes. The linen fabric is washed which makes the linen sheets even softer and gives them a beautiful structure. Unlike other materials, the linen fabric only becomes more beautiful with time. Linen is a natural material that can last for generations if taken good care of. The material and style are timeless so the linen sheets will never get out-of-date. We offer duvet covers in different sizes to help you find bed sheets that fits your taste and style. All of our duvet covers have two openings at the top which makes it easy to bed.

Linen is also a practical material. Linen adapts to the temperature in the air, which keeps you warm on a chilly winter night while cooling you down on a hot summer night. Therefor linen is optimal for a good night´s sleep. The linen sheet is also dirt and dust repellent which gives you a cleaner and fresher bed and it is better for you with allergies as the material prevents the growth of bacteria. In addition, linen sheets contribute to a more sustainable society. With these features we can promise that you will sleep well in the nights with the linen sheets in your bed.

Products that are white and natural colored can be washed at 60 degrees. All other color we recommend 40 degrees because the color can be bleached at warmer temperatures. Stretch out after washing and let it air dry, preferably outside when the weather permitting. Avoid tumble dry since it tear on the fabric.

The size is stated in the original size 220×240 cm and has since that shrunk its 4-7% which linen usually shrinks at the first wash. For this reason, we have not printed the exact measure after washing as it may vary slightly. The size are adapted to Swedish standards on bedding.


100% washed linen


Frosty green (light green)


240×220 cm


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