Linen skirt

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Lin Living’s linen skirt is made of 100% and ecologically grown linen fabric. They are swashed which makes the fabric soft and comfortable against the skin, as well as having a beautiful texture. The skirt has elasticated waistband which makes it easy to choose whether you want it to sit high up at the waist or further down the hips. We chose to make our linen skirt in a classic model that will fit at all times. Whether it is a  day off and you are going to the beach, work day or if it is a cozy dinner waiting, our linen skirt is a safe card.

Match the skirt with one of our linen shirts to get a lovely “linen look”. If you wear the same color of skirt as shirt it almost looks like a linen dress. Our linen skirts are available in size S-XL. We hope you will enjoy your new linen dress from Lin Living!