Linen shirt women

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Lin Living’s women’s shirt features a figure-tailored model made of 100% linen. Our idea with the shirt is that it can be worn at all times but always feels just right. Whether it is an important business meeting or a day off on the beach. Wearing a linen shirt is both practical and stylish. Thanks to the linen as a natural material breathes, it is a temperature-adjusted material. So your shirt will warm you up on cooler occasions and keep you cool when it’s hot. If you have a physically demanding job but still want to be able to dress properly then the linen shirt is the perfect garment as it breathes and adapts to the temperature. Our classic linen shirt for ladies is somewhat figure-tailored which makes them sit extra nice on a female body. If you ask us, the shirt should not be ironed as the wrinkled fabric gives a casual and relaxed impression but for those who want it is really great to iron on high heat. Hope you get many fantastic occasions dressed in your linen shirt from Lin Living!