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Lin Living’s men’s shirts are made of 100% organically grown linen. The model is straight with a button at the front, cuff at the sleeves, a simple collar and a nice sock on the back for a better fit. The best thing about our shirts is that we see both teens and people of the older generation being dressed in them. The men’s shirt is fitted with classic cuts, a natural material and natural colors and thus it is a perfect garment for all occasions. Thanks to the linen’s natural material, the shirt breathes incredibly well and therefore keeps you cool on a hot summer day as well as it warms at cooler times. If you work with a physical job but still want to be properly dressed, our shirt is a perfect choice. If you ask us, the shirt should not be ironed because the wrinkles give a vivid and relaxed impression but if you want it you can just fine with high heat. Hope you get many lovely moments in your linen shirt from Lin Living!