Linen shirts

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Let us present Lin Livings own designed linen shirts, all made of 100% and washed linen fabric. Furthermore, the cultivation of the linen fabric is organic. We have different models on the linen shirts to help you find the one that suits you best. Our women’s shirt is figure-tailed, which means that it usually suits best on the female body and our men’s shirt is more straight and long in the model and often fits well with men. But of course you choose for yourself what type of linen shirt meets your wishes. The sizes we usually say are “normal” and most people take the size they normally have. If you think the shirt is a tight in the beginning at some place but otherwise good we can guarantee that it will stretch and become slightly larger when used. Linen has the ability to be shaped by your own body so the more you use it, the more customized it will be to you. Linen is a wonderful natural material that has been used since ancient times. Despite this, it is still as relevant today in the homes and to be dressed. Probably because it is as neat as practical to go dressed in linen. Linen is here to stay, that’s one thing we can say for sure. Hope you will love your linen products as much as we do!