Linen sheets

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Linen sheet is something very special. With its long history, which extends from ancient times until today, people have slept, worn and used linen in their homes. Sleeping in linen sheets has several advantages. One of the best things about linen is its temperature-adjusting capability, which makes it just as good to sleep in during the winter as in the summer – without having to switch between thick / thin duvets. When you are cold, the linen sheets warm you, and when it is warm, the linen sheets cool you down. It is also better for the skin and for people with allergies as it repels dirt and bacteria instead of sucking it in, as so many other materials do. Linen is an easy-to-care material that does not require much and also dries in no time after washing. In addition to all the practical abilities that the linen sheets have, it is of course also a very beautiful material to have in the home and to rest their eyes on.

We hope that you will sleep well in our linen sheets, whether you previously slept in it or if this will be your premiere!