Duvet cover 240x220

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Lin Livings duvet covers in size 240×220 cm. Made of a 100% linen fabric that is washed which gives a wonderful soft feel to the skin.

Linen is a natural material that has been used in people’s homes since long way back but still it is just as relevant today. Perhaps it is not that strange considering the fantastic properties of the material but also its beautiful look. Like wool, linen is a self-cleaning material, which means that it repels dust and dirt instead of attract. This means that linen is of course more hygienic compared to other materials but also extra good for you who have sensitive skin or other types of allergies. In addition, linen does not need to be washed as often as other materials which saves on water and the environment. There is clearly many good qualities to say about linen but not to forget the most important thing of all … The fantastic feeling of sleeping in soft, crisp and natural linen sheets is unbeatable. And something that must be experienced in order to understand.

Sleep tight!