Waffle bathrobe linen

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Lin Living’s waffle robe is made of organic and 100% linen fabric. They are of the best quality and you will get the feeling that you are in a hotel every time you wrap your morning dress around you. The linen is woven in a different way, which gives the fabric this waffle structure that feels a little extra exclusive to the skin. The morning coat is a special garment for many. Maybe the first thing you put on in the morning for a new day, but also the last before you go to bed. We want to give you the right conditions to start and end the day in the best way with the help of this fantastic bathrobe. Our waffle bathrobe suits both men and women. It also doesn’t matter if you are young, old or young, our linen morning coat is for all people of all ages. We hope you have many wonderful moments ahead in your waffle robe from us.