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Pillowcases in different sizes

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Bella love to sleep in our linen sheets.. Click here to go directly to our INSTAGRAM

Linen clothes

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Favorites in the bathroom

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Kitchen towels


Home textiles in linen


Here you get inspiration on a table setting with our linen products.

In the left image you see our classic white linen cloth which is good for a bright and fresh feeling in the room. This time we chose to match it with napkins in our dark gray color “Granite”.

Remember that your white linen cloth can be washed at 60 degrees so stains that arise at dinner are no match for your linen cloth.

In the left picture you see our natural linen cloth matched with napkins also in Granite.


Good luck with the table setting and hope there will be many cozy dinners around the table!

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The first and...

Linnemorgonrock Lin Livin Nature

… the last garment many of us wear during a day is the bathrobe. Loved, best bathrobe that for many becomes a favorite garment in the wardrobe. We offer bathrobes in two models, the smooth one and the one with the waffled structure.

We love the linen bathrobe!

In this left picture we have choose to use our classic bathrobe as a trench coat, which we think works just fine. Only the imagination sets limits.

Shop your linen bathrobe here

Morgonrock våfflad Lin Living naturfärg
Mörkgrå Linnemorgonrock Granite Lin Living
Grå sängkläder Lin Living
Lin Living örngott inspiration

We love to inspire people to invest in linen sheets as it is a natural material with many fantastic qualities. But do not forget the wonderful feeling of sleeping in it., During the hot summer your sheets will be cool and comfortable against the body, just as they will give you a pleasant heat at cooler temperatures. A bed in linen are also very beautiful, modern and gives the room a stylish impression. The only negative about the material is that you will have a hard time not longing to go back to the bed to sleep in your cozy and soft linen sheets.