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F.A.Q.Here we answer the most common questions we get to Lin Living.

  • Sustainability and quality.

Linen products have a very long durability which means that the products last for generations if they are well managed. It is not uncommon for us to hear from our customers that they still have linen cloths that they inherited from their parents or grandparents, which is a proof of its quality and durability. We will live in this world for many years and Lin Living know that all people can contribute somehow. Bedding, kitchen towels, bathrobes, napkins, clothes or tablecloths are products that we all have in our homes, more or less. If you choose to buy these products of persistent and durable linen, you have immediately made a more environmentally conscious choice as you will not have to throw away and buy new at the same rate as with more short-lived material. In addition, linen is an incredibly beautiful material that only gets finer and more comfortable over the years.

  • Ethically correct production.

We have chosen to work with short transport routes to us and have therefore chosen to cooperate with a supplier in Estonia where all of our products are sewn up. It is a wonderful feeling that we can in principle know the names of the seamstresses who sew our products in Tallinn and know that they work under fair conditions. In addition, being able to join and create jobs and a better trade balance in Estonia, which is a country in need of export, are we very proud of.

  • More environmentally friendly.

The linen products also have a more environmentally friendly production from flower to finished product, unlike cotton products, for example. It is not required near as much irrigation as with other materials during the cultivation of the flax flower itself. Our linen products are OEKO tex 100 certified and the linen is organically grown which means that it also feels good in the heart when you buy the products when you know that they have been produced in an ethically correct way.

  • Temperature-adjusting material.

Lin is a material that adapts to the temperature of the air. So if is warm it keeps you cool, if you are cold it keeps you warm. These are completely unbeatable quality on both bedding and our clothes that make it feel comfortable to sleep in the products and also wear them during the days.

  • Timeless and classic material.

Linen has been used since ancient times, which is a testament to its quality and fantastic properties which, like now, is a pleasant and of course beautiful material to have in the home and wear on the skin. Our ambition is to design garments and products that work over time and at all times.


You can think that it should not be nice because the linen has a somewhat tougher surface unlike other fabrics but you should know that the linen sheets only get softer and more comfortable with time. Our linen fabrics are sold enzyme washed which means that even from the start they are irresistibly soft and we promise that once you start sleeping in linen you will have a hard time quitting. In addition the linen fabric only getting softer over time. We all know the problem that it is too cold or too hot in the bedroom which leads to insomnia. With the linen sheet these problems lowers as the linen sheet is temperature adjustable. If it is cold in the room, the linen sheets will keep you warm and vice versa. The linen sheets are also dirt and dust repellent, which is kinder to the skin and more comfortable for you with allergies. Once you have started sleeping in linen sheets we promise that you will never want to end.

You’ve got the right product. The reason for the joint is because the looms in the factory are 150 cm wide, which means that a small joint is then added. We have tried to make as discreet as possible so that it is barely visible or felt.

Most of our products have a thread density of 185 g/m2. We have chosen that specific thread density as we believe it is the perfect thickness of linen that makes them neither too thin, transparent and “slippery” and at the same time not too thick and heavy. 185 g/m2 is a pleasant thickness against the skin on both the bedding and linen clothes. A few have a density of 125 g/m2 or 220 g/m2, this is clearly informed in the information of these products.

We currently have 2 stores in Sweden. Both are on Gotland, one in city of Visby and one in countryside town Ljugarn. The shop in Ljugarn is only open during the summer (June, July, August). The shop in Visby is located on Adelsgatan 23 and have limited opening hours. Please look at our website for more information.

You can always send us an email to [email protected]

You can also call +46 498 – 65 07 40. See our opening hours at the customer service page. The times are set to Central European standard time, GMT+1.

We sell all of our products enzyme washed which means that they have already shrunk their cm and percent and thus will not shrink anymore. The enzyme wash makes the linen fabric softer. Note that linen stretches quite a bit over time, so if your shirt feels cramped, for example around the arms or over the chest at the beginning, so it only gets bigger with time and forms according to your body. Don’t be afraid to “stretch” your products if you want them to form faster. Our standard bedding is adapted to Swedish standard (pillowcase 50 * 60 cm and duvet cover 150 * 210 cm).

We have a great page for care instructions here

Yes, of course! We work with a smaller factory so we have the delight to be able to make custom products. These products will be made in the factory just for you. It will take about 6-8 weeks and we will have to add an extra charge for the custom order. Please send us your preferences to [email protected] and we will help you.

We design all our designs in Sweden. Cultivation is in the East part of Europe and our production is in Estonia.

Unlike many other materials, linen products can repel dirt and dust particles that are in the air and in the bed, instead of trapping it in the fabric. So, linen is a much more hygienic material and better for the skin and for those who have allergies. It may happen that the fabric fibers fall of and attract dust particles in the room and it can feel more dusty than norma

In some cases, newly purchased linen products fluff and dust more then expected. We have experienced it more with linen sheets, linen towels and waffle linen. This is not ordinary dust, it is actually fabric fibers that release from the linen. This is something that will calm the more the products are washed and used over time. There are always pros and cons with materials and one of the disadvantages of linen, some may think, is that linen can release fabric fibers the product (this does not always happen). An old “housewife” trick that has been used for a long time is to pour vinegar into the laundry where you otherwise pour rinse aid (we promise, it does not smell the products!). This should apparently prevent the fabric fibers from loosening in the same way and there will be less fabric fibers in the bedroom. We do not have any proof but it works for some.

As far as we can we try to reuse packing material and boxes that are sent to us. So instead of recycle them directly we reuse the ones that are in okey condition. This means that some boxes are not brand new, therefore some may look worn than other. In all of this, we think it is more important to think about the environment than what the package look like on the outside, when we know how great out products are that are on the inside. Remember that nobody can do everything but everyone can do something to make our planet feel a little better. We hope that you also reuse or recycle the box that you receive from ut.

Good question! We have a great page for returns and exchanges here

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