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When washing your linen products, we recommend that you turn in and out on all products and press the buttons on the products that have buttons. Feel free to use an environmentally friendly detergent and avoid softener and bleaching.

White and natural linen fabrics: max 60 degrees
Colored linen: max 40 degrees

We advise you never to wash warmer than necessary for minimum wear on your linen products but also for the sake of the environment.


After washing your linen products, stretch the fabric at the edges and then let it drip-dry. It is also possible to dry your linen in drying machine if you want it softer and more wrinkled, but you should then be aware of what they can have for consequences. It is more energy-intensive and breaks down the fibers in the linen fabric, which makes it crumpled and difficult to get a smooth structure (if you want to). It also shortens the life of your linen and dryer is therefore not something we really recommend.


Iron: Moisten the linen and then allow it to draw slightly into the fabric. Then apply linen warmth, which is often the highest temperature on the iron.

Mangle: If you want a really smooth and glossy surface, cold mangle are preferred. When you mangle your linen products, you put a hard pressure on the linen which in turn appears in a beautiful way. Moisten and stretch the linen before you start mangle. Mangle the cloth slightly damp and then allow to dry. If you want to add a lot of shine, you can go mangle again after the linen has dried. Remember to let the linen rest for at least 1 day before mangling after washing.


Try to vary your folds as often as possible to avoid breakages on your linen products. The linen feels at its best when stored in a dark and dry place without heat contact.


At Lin Living, we work for sustainable home textiles and clothes that will last for generations and thus reduce today’s extreme consumer society where we buy and dispose at an immoral rate. Shopping for linen products does not affect the environment in the same way as, for example, cotton products. However, it is important that you continue to think environmentally smart even after you buy beautiful linen products. Some advice from us to you are as follows: Do not wash your linen products too often, avoid unnecessarily high temperatures and be economical with the detergent. Also try to avoid softener when washing as it is neither good for your skin nor for nature. Let products drip-dry instead of drying machine.


Time to enjoy your linen products!