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Background and history

Lin Living AB has its roots on the little island on Gotland. Lin Living started as a school project in school year 2013. Below you can read about Lin Living’s background and history when founder Hanna Jörnhammar herself can tell in her own words.

Hanna’s words: 

Since childhood, I have had a great interest in sales and, above all, meeting new people. I remember when I was 10 years old when me and my best friend arranged jumble sales to own ice cream money together and what we sold were things we had sneaked home with us in secret. We succeeded so well that we had ice cream money for several weeks and I think my interest in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship started already then. In high school I got the chance to test run a so called “UF-company” which means that you can start and run a real company but during school hours. At that time I realized that this is exactly what I was supposed to do in my life – run a business! Since the day I opened my eyes to linen products and the interest and love for the material grows every day that goes by. I love how the material feels on the skin, how its structure changes and becomes more beautiful over time, and above all, I am fascinated by its durable quality and the history of the linen that extends to ancient times. In addition to linen being fantastic to have around, it is also a material that is kind to the environment. Linen is a natural material and all of our products are grown in an environmentally friendly and ecological way and are ÖKO Tex-100 certified which means they have a safe production without toxic agents and preparations. We are also proud that our production is ethically correct, which means that those who produce the products work under fair conditions – from flax flower to finished product.

I hope you have many great years together with your linen products. The idea with our products is that they will create history thanks to its durable quality.

Many warm greetings, Hanna Jörnhammar

Today Lin Living is based in Visby. Sales are mainly via  but the products are also available at selected retailers around Sweden, Norway and Finland.  See some of these under the “Resellers”.  Our products are also available to enjoy at some hotels, restaurants and spa areas. We also have our own stores in Visby and Ljugarn.

Hanna Jörnhammar
CEO and Founder Lin Living