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About Lin Living

Lin Living is a swedish family company based on the little island called Gotland in Sweden. The company started as a school project in high school by one of LinLiving’s owner, Hanna Jörnhammar, year 2013. Read more about the history here

We design and sell home textiles and own-designed clothes made from 100% organically grown linen. The cultivation is based mostly in the East side of Europe, the development of the fabric is in Lithuania and the production is in Estonia. All products are designed and developed in Sweden by us.

We have created a assortment consisting of classic icons products in earthy and timeless colors which working in all types of homes and for all people. We want to be a part of the change against a more sustainability world and that’s why we are so proud to offer products made from the nature, produced in a ethical correct way in Europe.

We hope you will like our collection of linen and we’re looking forward to help you find your favorites among our assortment.

A lot of love,

Team Lin Living

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Call us –> +46 498 – 65 07 40 (see our opening times at our website)

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Send an email to [email protected]

Lin Living AB corporate number 559070-2824