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Welcome to our new international shop!

Hi and warmly welcome to our new international shop! We have been waiting for this moment to share our unique and fantastic products all around the world and now it is finally happening!

We might still have some wrong spelling words, maybe some wrong links but we are working hard to go through the site so it will be in perfect shape. If you find something you might think is wrong – please email us here and we will fix it immediately!
We hope you will find your favorite linen products among our assortment – feel free to email us or call us. We are here to help you!

Welcome to Lin Living - All products is made of 100% linen fabric

Lin Living is a Swedish Company that offers you hand made linen products. The linen comes from the linen flower that has been grown organically and therefor produced in a eco-friendly and ethically correct way. The linen fabric comes mainly from the eastern parts of Europe and the production is based in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. It is very important for us that you can feel assured that the production is trustful all the way from the flower is being picked until it is a finished product in your hand. Lin Living is a family company that runs from Gotland. We offer you everything from bed clothes to home textiles to custom designed clothes – everything in hundred procent linen.

Linen bedclothes

Home textiles

Linen clothes


white linen

Frosty green


Misty gray


denim blue

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